‘We need our gamers to travel,’ says eSports Ghana President

By Ben-Oni Blay

The President of eSports Ghana, Kwesi Hayford, has indicated that Ghanaian and African eSports players will benefit immensely from playing in other foreign countries, insisting that ‘we need our gamers to travel’ despite concerns over the continent losing out on its best talent if care is not taken.

The discourse of safeguarding Africa’s eSports talent has been a major issue as a school of thought believes that the continent could lose its talent due to the attraction presented by foreign countries.

Although he agrees with the school of thought, Kwesi Hayford says the continent does not have the needed facilities to help grow its talents now thus the need for global exposure.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with eSports360s.com, Kwesi Hayford indicated that:

“I believe the safeguarding will come but at the moment we need our gamers to travel to play. If they do not get the opportunity to play in foreign countries we will not have the foreign exchange… our industry is still very young.

“It is just like football where you will need players to go out there to shine and promote the talents available in Ghana and Africa. I believe with time when all the structures are in place with support from the ministry of youth and sports, governments, brands and all other stakeholders, there will be the components of safeguarding our talents”.

eSports and COVID-19

eSports Ghana President, Kwesi Hayford also shared his thoughts on the effects that the Coronavirus pandemic is having on eSports.

He said: “Well I believe the first on the list is the shortage of hardware, primary PS4. We are a console dominant region or country and that is what a lot of gamers prefer so it’s unfortunate that all our partner vendors have run out of stock and those who happen to have are selling it at a huge price.

“Another challenge is data cost. No telco has purposely come out with a data bundle for gamers even though we have been pushing for them to look to Esports as a pivot for growth. There is a huge data cost and nothing consumes data as much as game downloads, updates and streaming”.
– Source, eSports360s.com

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